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May 4 2009

She and I: A Fugue valleypara Petrarca Press, Chico [Calif.], 2009. ISBN 978-0982040201 (Hardcover) - 978-0982040218 (Softcover).
Book site:
- My most condensed, sustained work. I have not gone deeper than this.
- Conceived June 2001 - finished July 2008.
- Takes as its field my first thirty-five years of life. Follows apparently disparate lines of experience into a final sounding of nature, time, and the Female Principle.
- Page count: 283.
- Google books page: pending
- Sample:


He paused for a moment, many recollections overpowering him. He seemed to have unlocked the casket of his heart, closed for so many hours, as if all the memories of the past and all the secrets of his heart and life were rushing out, glad to be free once more and grateful for the open air of sympathy. - Henry Darger, "In the Realms of the Unreal"